Totoro in Toy Story 3


The Art Of Nausicaa ジ・アート・シリーズ 1984 (Japanese Edition)

Ive been collecting the Japanese Ghibli Art of book series lately as a lot of them haven’t been published in English language yet. The art of books have amazing pictures of character designs, concept, cel and background production art and the editions available in english have great information in them too :D Above are a few scans i took from The Art Of Nausicaa which has illustrations on almost every one of the 191 pages.

Updating my Ghibli Collection

Do you know why the first ten or so minuets of princess mononoke's animation looks different from the rest?

I have to admit, I am kind of confuzzled *scratches head* The opening sequence where the boar attacks the village? Are you saying it looks better or worse than the rest of the film? Often a change in quality between scenes is due to budget or time restraints, but I certainly haven’t noticed that in Princess Mononoke. xox

Favorite anime couples (in no particular order) 

Ashitaka and San || Mononoke Hime

"Together we’ll ive."