Please read the FAQs below first and then ask away…

The FAQs:

Where did you get your theme?

It started off as a standard Tumblr theme, which I spent a fair bit of time re-coding and re-designing to make it into my own custom Ghibli theme. I couldn’t find any pre-made Ghibli themes, hehe. ^__^

How about the background?

The main graphic on the left I created using a screencap taken from the Blu Ray which I enlarged and completely repainted and redrew myself in Abobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. The original screencap was simply used as a guide, but the final image was created entirely by me.

Can I have the code for your theme?

Sorry, but I don’t give out the code for my theme. The reason I spent so much time making it was so that I could have my own unique Ghibli theme, I hope that you understand.

Where do you get your gifs from?

I make some myself, but the majority are reblogs.

You can find all gifs that I have made here.

Have you got a gif of…

I’m always willing to help you find any Studio Ghibli gifs you desire, but please first check my tags page. If you cannot find the gif you are looking for, then please feel free to ask and I shall do my best to either find it, or make it for you ^__^

Which is your favourite Studio Ghibli film?

This is a question I get quite frequently… so I made a post about it here! ^__^

Where can I watch/download Studio Ghibli films?

I get quite a few requests for links to downloads or streams of Studio Ghibli films. Because Studio Ghibli only release once every few years and also have a relatively small back-catalogue, it isn’t as financially secure as most people would assume. In fact, just before the release of Arrietty, they were considering closing down the studio if Arrietty was not financially successful. Because of this I believe it’s the right thing not to post links to downloads or streams of their movies. People should support Studio Ghibli and secure their future by purchasing their films whenever possible.

Why do you publish your asks? Is there a way of blocking them?

There are a few reasons why I publish my asks/replies, but the principal reason is that I like sense of… I’m not sure what the right word is… humanity? If there was nothing but gifs on my blog, it would feel so robotic and lifeless. I enjoy having the correspondence on my blog, the feeling of people, community and conversation.

That said, there is a way of blocking posts with certain tags from appearing in your dashboard, and all of my replies are tagged as: ASKS

First, you need to install Greasemonkey which is a browser add-on that allows you to install scripts to the browser.

Then, you will also need to install Tumblr Saviour which is the script that enables you to block specific Tumblr tags from appearing in your dashboard.

Finally, you can find the instructions on how to use and configure Tumblr Saviour here.

Send this to 10 people…

Please be aware that I receive a LOT of asks and I simply don’t have the time to forward these on to however many people. I need to spend my time responding to non-circulated asks. I hope that you understand.

Can I submit? Do you accept submissions?

You can find the submissions page here! But please be sure to read the guidelines before submitting.