Regarding Ghibli’s supposed “queerbaiting”…

…in the trailer for When Marnie Was There. Please realise that this is a JAPANESE trailer aimed at Japanese people. The trailer is NOT in English, it is NOT intended for western audiences. A lot of westerners have watched a trailer that is not aimed at them, and have applied their western culture and perceptions to it and come up with what appears to be a romantic relationship between Marnie and Anna. Japanese culture is VERY different, and the things you see in the trailer between Marnie and Anna would be considered entirely normal and not the least bit romantic in Japanese culture. So to say that this trailer, that was not made for western viewing, is “queerbaiting” is entirely unfair. Step outside of your own culture for just one moment and realise that this world has many cultures, and many with vastly different perceptions and norms to your own.


Excerpts from Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s story board art of When Marnie was There (思い出のマーニー) included in the art book Hiromasa Yonebayashi Illustrations (Amazon JP | US).

Tales from Earthsea2006 Japanese theatrical poster

Tales from Earthsea
2006 Japanese theatrical poster

Heyo! Do you have a masterpost for the Japanese theatrical posters you've been posting? Thanks.

I don’t, but you can find all of the ones I have posted so far at:

And there will be plenty more to come ^__^ xox

'Anna, watching her, saw that her eyes were the same colour as the sea, and her hair, blowing across her face, was pale yellow, like the dry grasses on the sand, only lighter. She thought she was the prettiest girl she had ever seen.'

'Anna, watching her, saw that her eyes were the same colour as the sea, and her hair, blowing across her face, was pale yellow, like the dry grasses on the sand, only lighter. She thought she was the prettiest girl she had ever seen.'

Kiki’s Delivery Service1989 Japanese theatrical poster

Kiki’s Delivery Service
1989 Japanese theatrical poster

So this is probably a stupid question, but how come the text and voices are in Japanese but the song is in English?

It is not the first time that Studio Ghibli have used English language songs in their films. Famously they used Olivia Newton-John’s version of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ in the opening of Whisper of the Heart. This is the first English language theme song made specifically for a Studio Ghibli film though. - American singer-songwriter Priscilla Ahn is providing the theme song for Studio Ghibli film When Marnie Was There (Omoide no Marnie), the first English-language theme tune for a production from the Japanese anime hit factory.  

Ahn will record “Fine on the Outside,” a song she wrote in high school, for the upcoming Ghibli film.

"My biggest dream came true — I’m writing & singing the theme song to the next Studio Ghibli film — out this Summer!!!" Ahn tweeted after the announcement.

'When Marnie Was There' Spoiler

I am getting a lot of inbox asking for the spoiler/plot twist for When Marnie Was There, so I have put it in a private post.

You can view the spoiler here.

'When Marnie Was There' Official Japanese Trailer

Or you can view the 1080p version here.

English translation:

Anna: In this world, there’s a magic circle that no one else can see. There’s an inside and outside to that circle, and I’m one of the outsiders. But that doesn’t matter. I… hate myself. 
Text: I’m waiting for you at that creek. Forever… 
Text: A work by director Hiromasa Yonebayashi 
Text: Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie Was There) 
Marnie: Are you OK? 
Anna: Yeah. 
Anna: Are you really a human? You look exactly like the girl who appeared in my dream… 
Marnie: Dream? This isn’t a dream. 
Marnie: Hey, please promise me. Let’s keep our friendship a secret. 
Anna: Yeah. It’s a secret. Forever. 
Text: I love you so much. 
Anna: Marnie… That’s too cruel! 
Marnie: Anna! My beloved Anna! 
Anna: Why did you leave me!? Why did you betray me!? 
Marnie: Anna, please! Please tell me you forgive me! 
Anna: Of course I forgive you! I like you! Marnie! 
Text: Omoide no Marnie: When Marnie Was There

all of my friends are really excited about Omoide no Marnie because they think it's a movie about two girls being in love so I know how you feel about all these messages asking about it...

A lot of people have gotten the impression from the trailer that it is a story about two young girls who are in love, but when you read the book or watch the film, you will realise why this is definitely not the case. The trouble is, I can’t really tell you why it’s not possible, without giving away the major plot twist at the end of the film. People assumed it was my own personal opinion, when that’s just not the case at all. xoxox